Saturday, October 4, 2008

Team Forming

There are dynamics to a team, and last night we went out on the town (called Aggieville here in Kansas State Country). It was interesting for me since I hadn't hit the college bar scene in 13 years. I didn't drink but one good beer at the restaurant we ate in, the Little Apple Brewing Company (get it, Manhattan, KS is the "little apple"). After my sinus drainage this week, I just didn't feel like drinking and glad I didn't. I've been cooped up in my room most the day watching shows online, as I did get the high speed hook up yesterday. I thought I watched a lot, but without a TV you really miss things. Don't think I'm going anywhere tonight, just too sick to want to go anywhere. May get out tomorrow, but not sure now. We don't have anything until about 9am Monday, so should be an easy day. Though there are apparently 250 or so Air Force and Navy people coming in tomorrow, should make it interesting around here. I hate being a dorm rat, but beyond the strip clubs there isn't much to do in Junction City, and Manhattan is about a 15 minute ride that I just don't feel like making right now. I will update hopefully Monday and let you know what happened when the AF guys showed up.

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