Sunday, October 19, 2008

Settling In

Well a week's gone by and we've survived the worst part, classroom training. It's always amazing how they can cram 3 days worth of information into 5 and a half days. We did get Saturday off since we covered everything by 2pm Friday, even after taking hour and fifteen to hour and a half lunches everyday (including Friday), and leaving before 3:45 everyday (class is supposed to be 8am to 5pm). Needless to say it was mostly worthless information especially since our boss is an expert in the subject. This week is driver's training and combat life saver, and advanced Arabic in the evenings (optional but we opted for the advanced training). The instructor for Arabic is funny and quotes Team America all the time, referring to Arabic as the "Derka Derka" language. Not sure what we are tracking to do next week, our schedule got a little screwed up with something that didn't happen, so I will have to wait until probably Saturday before we find out about next week. All for now.

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