Saturday, October 11, 2008

Camp Funston

The best way to describe the Funston experience is to say it's trailer living. The temporary like buildings are big trailers, with 6 rooms each sleeping 6 people, two latrines with 2 stalls, one urinal, 6 sinks, and three showers each. So far not so bad but I think when training gets going, it's going to be a little hectic. The rooms are about 12' X 20', 3 bunk beds and 6 wall lockers. No privacy really but we don't spend much time in here to worry about that. We start full up training on Monday and it's culture all week and language. I'm a little up on the language and trying to help the guys out on the team. I'm the only one (I think) that can read and write it. Anyway, we are all getting along good so far, eat together, work out together, but know when it's time to have alone time. Our team is marching to a different beat, our team leader is a guy who doesn't like the formal BS that they throw at you, and even pissed off the Sergeant Major in record time (he rolls his cuffs and wears his sunglasses on his head). The good thing is our boss knows what he is doing, it's been his job as SF for the past 10 years. Well, that's all for know, hope to update this week as training starts.

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