Monday, September 29, 2008

Arrival at Riley

Well I checked into Ft Riley yesterday and had our first day of briefings. Our team met tonight and we talked about where we are going and what we are going to do. Our team chief is a Jim Carey (sp?) look-a-like, but seems pretty cool so far. We're supposed to be in the nice barracks for the next week or so, then move down to Funston next Thursday. I had to find a Panera to get logged in, so we only have a few minutes to surf. Anyway, we are apparently going to finish training in early December, then have about 3-4 weeks off before deploying, subject to change of course. I will update as I can, but it's a bit of a drive to Panera from base so if I can't get internet in my room, I may not update again until the weekend. More to come later.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Countdown to Riley

Well in one week I will go to Ft Riley. We just had a kitchen remodel done, and it looks great. I have so much more to do and time is slim, I have 4 more doors to put inside my home (replacements), a fence to fix, and some painting to do. Hopefully I have time to get it all done, the kitchen being done was a huge relief.

I of course, have to rant a bit on Obama/McCain. Obama is saying the current financial crisis is caused by the current administration, but reality is one of his closest cronies, er advisors, was the head of Fanny Mae and is partly responsible for cooking the books and causing the collapse. McCain isn't innocent in all of this, he voted in some regulations which started this whole fiasco, but Obama is taking financial advise from this guy who headed a collapsed financial institution. I just hope people wake up and realize how bad Obama's buddies are (Resko, et al). McCain may not be the best choice, but between Obama and McCain, McCain looks like a Godsend.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Riding the storm out

With apologies to REO Speedwagon, just sitting here in Virginia getting hit by Hanna. Got so much to do and so little time to do it. I get to Riley 3 weeks from tomorrow, and we have a buttload of home stuff to do. I have 6 doors to replace, cabinets to remove (we're re-doing the kitchen), and get my stuff ready since I won't be back before I go to Iraq, and my wife will sell when I am there. Today is a good day to get things done, so I thought I would post something I heard on Glenn Beck yesterday. He went over the radical group's mission, and ended with this statement "they have their tentacles into an organization that does good things but also teaches that heterosexism is a byproduct of capitalism, white supremacy, patriarchy and male dominated privilege." And he wants to use this group as a national program (costing an estimated $500 Billion) for youth to join, like a military organization (or in lieu of the military). It is admirable, but why don't they just join the military? We already fund it, and I think the skills you get in the military are just as good and may be radical also, but not any worse than Public Allies. Just one more little thing that I think will cost Obama the election. The media is trying its hardest to get him elected, but he has no substance, no experience, and no clue how to run a country.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sitting Around

I am now awaiting my trip to Ft Riley and thought I would comment on last night's speech by Sarah Palin. Wow. If you didn't fall in love with this woman already, last night she hammered Obama and that just made me love her all the more. I just got the Newsweek she and McCain are featured in and didn't really read it but now I would like to see what they bashed her about. Newsweek also said she wasn't qualified for the job. And Obama is? What city was he a mayor of? Oh, that's right, Nowhere, USA. And what state was he a governor in? Hawaii? Illinois? What do you mean he's never been a governor? Certainly he has some leadership job? Community event organizer you say? WTF is that? So someone who was block captain thinks he can run the country. Great. Dear God, if you have any sense of justice Obama will not win.