Friday, July 25, 2008

Pres. Barack Hussein Obama

I guess since the media has fallen in love with Hussein there's no need to have an election. Why don't people realize the only reason he's even a senator is because it was bought and paid for by the Chicago democrat machine? People should know how dangerous this man is. But with the media fawning all over his world tour, people are seeing a side of a man that didn't really exist a year ago and won't be the man we elect. Anyway, I'm still in training and live at home for the next couple of weeks. Nice to sleep in my own bed every night. I've heard from the people in my class that I may not have internet in Iraq, so if that's the case this blog will get no updates for a while. Well, I just don't have much interesting things to write now, but I thought I would drop a link to one of my favorite sites, Platewire. You can write up someone who pisses you off on the road. Keep checking back for updates.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I can't comment on politics in uniform, so pretend I am a civilian now. Something I heard today really irked me. Sen Obama (my senator as I am an Illinois resident) has said repeatedly that he would pull us out of Iraq, so I volunteered to go on the hope that once he's inaugurated he'd pull us right out, making my tour last about a month. Now, he says that he's going to "win this war and finish it, and then pull our troops out while I am President." What? That's just a way to weasel out of his promise he knew he couldn't keep. Does anyone realize we are still in Japan, Korea, Germany, Bosnia, etc, and have been for years and will be for years? I'll be an old man if we ever leave Iraq, or for that matter Germany and Japan. Sen. Obama knows Iraq is long term and regardless of who you vote for, we'll be in Iraq for many years to come.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Sorry no updates for a while but I really haven't been doing much. Just surviving the last week of classes at Ft Lee before I head to Ft Eustis. While at Eustis I get to live at home since I live only 20 miles away. Anyway, nice to see some fellow Lost bashers on the posts, thanks for stopping by.

I'm still waiting to hear from my team leader for Iraq, some others have heard what they'll be doing. I expect to hear before too long, especially before I depart for Ft Riley in September.

Another issue is I have apparently lost internet access at my Petersburg apartment so I won't be able to update during the week, but I only have one more week there anyway. I may just suck it up and head to Panera Bread to get online. Since there are no more tests this week my nights are fairly free.

I've been thinking maybe I'll start writing about current events, but I don't keep up with much except Baseball. This weekend the Cubs play my beloved Cardinals in St Louis, and I miss my hometown and the rivalry that is Cubs-Cardinals. I am a tad concerned about the flooding, 15 years ago I was an Air National Guardsman on duty in South St Louis due to the flooding so it brings back some bad memories of that. Anwyay, not much more to write about, will update when I can.