Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Long time, no post

Well I guess if you know me and keep in touch that I made it back safely from Iraq last month. The last 2 months were just crazy as I was tasked with coordinating the trip home. We were released about a month early and as luck would have it flew out of Kuwait on December 1st. We returned to Ft Riley, Kansas on 2 December after 24 hours of traveling from Kuwait to Ireland and Bangor, Maine before landing in Topeka. After a 2 hour bus ride to Ft Riley, they processed us in briefly and then off to the Welcoming Ceremony. Only 3 wives were there to welcome back the 32 people that we came back with, luckily my wife was one of them.

We have now moved to Fort Gordon, Georgia where I will attend school from May to December. For now I have a temp job and start school in May. Thanks to all who followed this blog and apologies for not updating the past 4 months.