Sunday, October 5, 2008

Blue invasion

Today, the USAF invaded Ft Riley, KS. The DFAC (chow hall, dining facility) was overflowing with AF people. After 20 years of being one of them, I know now how annoying they are. Nonetheless, we all have to get along, so be it. Tomorrow we get our RFI, and that appears to be it. We'll probably have a team meeting tomorrow night, and hopefully I'll have something interesting to post. Anyway, didn't do much today except have a nice video chat with my wife and daughter, hope to keep that up while in Iraq. I also assembled the IBA (Body armor) and it's very uncomfortable but I guess if you don't wear it, then you are a walking target. The only problem I have is the crotch cover is a little short, so my boys are exposed. I was joking with my roomate that I will have to crouch down the whole time to protect myself. Well, that's about all I have, just finished watching Fringe, and I am sort of hooked, so I hope it gets canceled so I won't miss it this year I'll be gone.

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