Saturday, July 5, 2008

Sorry no updates for a while but I really haven't been doing much. Just surviving the last week of classes at Ft Lee before I head to Ft Eustis. While at Eustis I get to live at home since I live only 20 miles away. Anyway, nice to see some fellow Lost bashers on the posts, thanks for stopping by.

I'm still waiting to hear from my team leader for Iraq, some others have heard what they'll be doing. I expect to hear before too long, especially before I depart for Ft Riley in September.

Another issue is I have apparently lost internet access at my Petersburg apartment so I won't be able to update during the week, but I only have one more week there anyway. I may just suck it up and head to Panera Bread to get online. Since there are no more tests this week my nights are fairly free.

I've been thinking maybe I'll start writing about current events, but I don't keep up with much except Baseball. This weekend the Cubs play my beloved Cardinals in St Louis, and I miss my hometown and the rivalry that is Cubs-Cardinals. I am a tad concerned about the flooding, 15 years ago I was an Air National Guardsman on duty in South St Louis due to the flooding so it brings back some bad memories of that. Anwyay, not much more to write about, will update when I can.

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