Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I can't comment on politics in uniform, so pretend I am a civilian now. Something I heard today really irked me. Sen Obama (my senator as I am an Illinois resident) has said repeatedly that he would pull us out of Iraq, so I volunteered to go on the hope that once he's inaugurated he'd pull us right out, making my tour last about a month. Now, he says that he's going to "win this war and finish it, and then pull our troops out while I am President." What? That's just a way to weasel out of his promise he knew he couldn't keep. Does anyone realize we are still in Japan, Korea, Germany, Bosnia, etc, and have been for years and will be for years? I'll be an old man if we ever leave Iraq, or for that matter Germany and Japan. Sen. Obama knows Iraq is long term and regardless of who you vote for, we'll be in Iraq for many years to come.

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