Friday, July 25, 2008

Pres. Barack Hussein Obama

I guess since the media has fallen in love with Hussein there's no need to have an election. Why don't people realize the only reason he's even a senator is because it was bought and paid for by the Chicago democrat machine? People should know how dangerous this man is. But with the media fawning all over his world tour, people are seeing a side of a man that didn't really exist a year ago and won't be the man we elect. Anyway, I'm still in training and live at home for the next couple of weeks. Nice to sleep in my own bed every night. I've heard from the people in my class that I may not have internet in Iraq, so if that's the case this blog will get no updates for a while. Well, I just don't have much interesting things to write now, but I thought I would drop a link to one of my favorite sites, Platewire. You can write up someone who pisses you off on the road. Keep checking back for updates.

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