Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sheep's Liver

I have to say that nothing surprises me anymore. The other night I walked in to see my counterpart and they were eating. Of course as is custom here, they offer you eat. So I did. After eating a few cubes of the meat, which was very good, and a couple sa'amone (Iraqi bread), it was relayed to me that it was sheep's stomach. Ok, it tasted good, so what? After a few minutes my interpreter relayed it wasn't stomach but the liver. Yuk. I don't eat liver due to the taste (it was quite good) I don't eat liver because it is an organ meat, and one that filters bile in the body. Yuk. Anyway, I filled up (had already eaten dinner anyway) on 2 sa'amone and some liver and then chatted with my counterpart. Lesson learned, don't be afraid to get the type of meat before eating it. Now I am afraid to go see him again lest I eat some other meat that could be an organ or worse (they like to eat brains also). God I love this country!

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