Monday, May 18, 2009

6 days of missions

Sometimes we don't go anywhere for days, other times it is a non stop parade of missions. This was one of those weeks. Tuesday humanitarian mission, Wednesday supply mission, Thursday escorted counterpart to IZ then followed on to FOB Hammer, about an hour's drive northeast of here, Friday no mission, Saturday no mission, Sunday 3 missions in one day. Today is rest day, but our A/C is out and it's 83 degrees in the room. I have a fan which is louder than most aircraft so a nap probably won't happen. The best part, the AC went out about 3:45 this morning, woke us all up making a lot of noise, then shut down. Sweated out the night and now it's going to hit 100+ today so the room might get toasty before they can fix it. Anyway, can't talk about future missions but there are always a mission for food (Class I) and mail each week. We just vary the day/time. More to come.

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