Friday, September 19, 2008

Countdown to Riley

Well in one week I will go to Ft Riley. We just had a kitchen remodel done, and it looks great. I have so much more to do and time is slim, I have 4 more doors to put inside my home (replacements), a fence to fix, and some painting to do. Hopefully I have time to get it all done, the kitchen being done was a huge relief.

I of course, have to rant a bit on Obama/McCain. Obama is saying the current financial crisis is caused by the current administration, but reality is one of his closest cronies, er advisors, was the head of Fanny Mae and is partly responsible for cooking the books and causing the collapse. McCain isn't innocent in all of this, he voted in some regulations which started this whole fiasco, but Obama is taking financial advise from this guy who headed a collapsed financial institution. I just hope people wake up and realize how bad Obama's buddies are (Resko, et al). McCain may not be the best choice, but between Obama and McCain, McCain looks like a Godsend.

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