Saturday, March 7, 2009

Keeping busy

Well it seems the internet in the room isn't working out like I thought, and I have failed to update properly. We had to give up our extra PSD personnel so we're now internally pulling PSD for the boss. Spent a crazy 24 hours in the IZ, got to ride in a blackhawk and they fired the guns for testing while we rode to BIAP. It was cool, but I was sitting next to the gunner and he told me, the people in back probably freaked for a second. The trip back was much shorter and didn't include any fun besides a few flares going off. We landed at our top secret airfield (not really but it's small and hard to find) which was neat to see our area by air, though at night. Well, I've been working on Rosetta Stone, getting good with the help of my mutarjems (interpreters). Doing good and over two months down so far, only 10 to go.

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